Specialized Cleaning Services


Not only do we take care of the cleanup after a natural disaster, but also come to the rescue of our clients in case of man-made events. These scenarios are usually very sensitive because the person may have even dealt with the loss of a loved one. We, therefore, take utmost care and make our clients as comfortable as possible.

The incidents we cover under our specialized cleaning category

Cleaning services demand a lot of customization. And by that, we mean many times we have to deal with cleanups at diverse places, from crime scenes to hazardous locations. Here’s what our specialized cleaning services include:

Bio-hazard Cleaning

In case of a biohazard, disinfecting the area becomes crucial for making the place safe for living again. Some of the incidents involve infectious diseases where the spread can occur from person to person contact, animal excreta, chemical releases, etc. In these cases Always Dry takes up proper measures to ensure no contamination. We maintain the CDC-directed protocols and our workers and everyone involved are given Personal Protective Equipment.

Coronavirus Cleaning

Talking about biohazards, coronavirus cleanup is a special category we have added to our list. After what the world witnessed over the past 2 years, it became a priority for us to help clients who have undergone the traumatic coronavirus experience. Be it schools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, medical buildings, homes, offices, laboratories, etc we take responsibility for cleaning almost every coronavirus-affected area.

What does Always Dry offer?

  • Apart from ensuring personal safety and maintaining NIOSH and OSHA standards, we also take up deep cleaning methods to disinfect the properties. One such example is the fogging application of a disinfectant.
  • In situations where a coronavirus test had not been conducted yet, we also provide a precautionary cleaning in addition to applying disinfectant. This helps increase the safety of the clients who trust us to move into their property once again.
  • The precautionary cleaning may involve usual places of touch-point only, deep cleaning of all the surfaces, or usage of a green product depending on the requirement.
  • We also deeply care for pets, so all of the products we use are EPA approved and are completely safe for your furry friends.


Theft, robbery, and several similar malicious mischief cases are common. These involve various aspects including broken doors and windows, damage by fire, destruction of water lines, graffiti sprays on the walls, and many more. If you have undergone any such act of vandalism that has destroyed your property, do not worry, we are here to help. We promise to repair all the broken and damaged structures and return them to their original state.

Crime Scene Cleaning

Always Dry also deal with serious crime scene cleanups like strangulation, gunshot, etc. Such situations involve not just getting rid of the mess but also require giving emotional support to the people who may have suffered heavy losses, which may include losing someone close to them as well. Many times, besides dealing with the cleaning work we go the extra way by consulting with the clients and even with the law enforcement officers.

Chinese Drywall Abetment

Chinese Drywall has created not only several building issues but has also increased the chances of several health hazards. For those unaware, building supplies were in short supply immediately during the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons, which led to an inflow of low-quality items like Chinese Drywall. After that, there were many reported cases where the occupants became sick due to the emission of dangerous gases. Corrosion of metal buildings especially those made of copper also became common.

If you are also facing a similar situation and need help, then you can contact us. We adhere to a rigid process while helping you eliminate and correct these problems. We use HEPA Vacuuming and deep clean all the surfaces to ensure the property becomes safe and livable once again.

Soda Blasting

The process of soda blasting involves sodium bicarbonate usage that is made for industrial application. The high-pressure air technique is utilized to blast it through a soda pot. It is highly effective to remove mold contamination, dirt, and the surface remains left by pollutants. We at Always Dry also use soda blasting to remove different finishes including paint, coats, and surface contaminants like rust and oxidation.

However, please note that this process cannot be applied to an already occupied property, it needs to be gutted. We offer demolition facilities as well as reconstruction.

Sewage Cleaning

Sewage issues lead to a lot of problems, so the quicker it is dealt with the better. One of the main concerning things is the spread of germs and pathogens which can give rise to a host of diseases in the neighborhood and even spread beyond.

Sewage, also known as Black Water is classified as a category 3 water loss. Once the fluids are released, it can make the entire surroundings unsanitary. To avoid the spread of the contaminants, the elimination of cellulose-based and hygroscopic substances is necessary. The items that need to be thrown away in case of sewage water damage include clothes, carpets, drapes, paper products, cardboard boxes, and soft floorings like vinyl, etc. While dealing with such cases we ensure that proper documentation of the list of damaged goods is made.


The source of origination of the scent can be diverse. If it is a result of a fire, chemical, or microbes, the procedures for getting rid of the odor must be strict.

In general, deodorization is ineffective unless you are able to remove the trigger point. This is because the source will keep leaking VOCs and other substances which ultimately will continue creating circumstances that call for removal or cleanup.

In cases, where long-term dangers are not present, using light deodorization is enough. It is the pet problems, dander, smoke excrement, mold, fire damage, or chemical exposures that require stringent odor control. Always Dry uses different techniques as per the requirement to mask whatever odor is present on the property.

Air Ducts and HVAC

HVAC helps maintain the proper circulation of indoor air. However, if they aren’t cleaned from time to time, their efficiency will be reduced. Also, the accumulation of particulates and harmful contaminates may make you vulnerable to several health risks.

We at Always Dry ensure that your air conditioning system is free of mold, dust, and any other debris. Our staff is well trained and NADCA certified to conduct the procedures without any complications. We also use advanced methods using HEPA filtration and also take care of sanitation. When needed, we also go for a mold-resistant coating. This help protects the plenums and air ducts.

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